Smile, breathe and go slowly ~ Thích Nhất Hạnh

Breath is life.  The quality of your breath however can determine the quality of your life.  Often we have unconscious patterns of breathing that don’t serve us well.  These patterns of breathing can actually increase our stress, decrease the quality of our life and compromise our health and wellbeing.  Learning specific breathing techniques that can be put into practise during daily life can dramatically improve your life.  What starts off as a practice becomes a healthy habit.

I teach yoga in a way that is very conscious of the breath, emphasising functional breathing.  However I do also provide one to one sessions focused entirely on teaching you how to breathe easily and without strain.

As part of our sessions I can record an individualised breathing session for you to use regularly at home.  I can facilitate sessions with you in person or remotely.

Breathing Sessions $100